Painless to-do lists to organize your workers

freelancers, employees, team members, and yourself

How It Works

  • You add a task and set start time
  • They receive a task before start
  • You'll get completed to-do list with their comments
  • (Optional) Schedule a task or set interval

Track Time Spent

Know the time to ensure when each task has been done. Our app will notify you on completion of your to-do list. Also keep track on time spent on certain subtask.

More Discipline, More Focus

Decrease procrastination and drive more attention to what needs to be done.


Keep Employees Productive

Make employees never forget what to do. Task them all with one app, saving both time and money with a streamlined process.


Tired of complicated task managers? You won't find tons of useless features to mess around with. But everything you are given makes it extremely easy to assign a task and track it's state.

Quick Start

Start right now! For workers no any apps, no registration process, no confirmations, etc. What you need is their email address only!

Other task managers

  • Keep track of what you do
  • Manage your tasks
  • Focused on personal use
  • Keep track of what they do
  • Assign tasks for others
  • Built to make them get things done!


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